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Para manter o seu cabelo com um aspecto saudável, suave e agradável ao toque é necessário um cuidado feito à medida do seu tipo de cabelo. Quer procure volume, caracóis definidos ou ajuda para o seu cabelo estragado: nestes artigos irá descobrir qual o seu tipo de cabelo e os produtos de cuidado e styling NIVEA adequados para si.

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Find the ideal care techniques and products for your hair type

It’s extremely important to know your hair before going overboard with new products or haircare techniques. Knowing what sort of hair you have is the difference between a successful new look with revitalised hair, and poor results and a wasted purchase. Fortunately, NIVEA is here to guide you along the path to identifying practical products and haircare techniques for your unique hair type and preferences with our index of highly informative expert articles. Let us guide you through the process of determining what kind of hair you actually have, and then help you decide which sort of sprays, gels or shampoos are suited to your particular needs.

Whether it’s hairdos or products, we can help you find what you need

Our goal is to help you be happy with your hair, and that means more than simply pushing a product. It means going the extra mile to make sure you’re not only well equipped with the ideal tools, but also with comprehensive knowledge. It’s important for you to be able to apply healthy haircare techniques and styles whether you’re gearing up for the salty sea air of summer or the cold, dry winds of winter. Looking for advice or tips on a particular haircare-related subject? Try applying our search filters and narrow down your search by characteristics or category. We’ve got something for you no matter what kind of hair you have, so be sure to take a thorough look.

We’ve cracked the haircare code, and we want to help you do the same

Whether you’re looking to maintain your gorgeous lustre, repair and prevent split ends or simply figure out a way to tame the unruly frizz, we’ve got something for you. But that’s why it’s essential for you to know a thing or two about your own hair – and we can help with that too! The procedure for treating and taking care of curls or lighter shades may be different from taking care of straight or oily hair. You should know what sort of hair you have on your head before diving headfirst into a pool of new products. When it comes to your hair, you deserve only the best, and that’s what we plan to give you. So take a look at our selection of haircare articles and find out what we can do to help make your hair strong, healthy-looking and radiant.